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Do you also have the challenge of getting your basic product data in your webshop? Or even more challenging, to enrich the products with the correct rich product information? Next to this, you like to save time on communication with suppliers about sales, products, prices, and stock information? Discover all the possibilities of the Iceshop services with a Magento connection.

Adding the connectors below to your Magento website allows you to: easily import your assortment in your shop, including product content such as product images, specifications, descriptions, and marketing texts. Our connections also can help you to automate the purchase processes of your product with your distributor and more. Interested? Read below what all the options are and ask for the various free demo options.

Magento 2 is available!

Do you currently have Magento 1 (or any other platform)? If you would like to switch, let us know what your requirements are. We can help you with a new platform and everything that comes with it.
We have a couple of connectors with different platforms and Magento 2 is a good example of this.
This new version of Magento has many options. You can download a guide for more information about Magento 2. Request more info

Magento connect services:

  • Icepim: More control over all data, content, and prices processes. Icepim is your online product manager. Import product files from Iceimport or your own sources, edit, calculate prices, create product relations, handle supplier preferences, make sub-assortments, filter imports and exports, export to all systems.
  • Iceimport: Import assortment, pricing, and stock data from your preferred supplier(s) (you can choose from hundreds of suppliers). We convert the information into one standardized format. We also enrich the basic data such as category, product title trough Icecat. As a result: a complete, up to date, and a standardized product list.
  • Icecat: Rich product content like images, marketing texts, product specifications, standardized categories, related products.
  • Iceorder: An automated order upload and status exchange system with your supplier. And Customers are informed automatically without delay. You can also find and manage your order status.
Solution: Icepim Iceimport Iceorder Icecat connector
Import many Products x x    
Standardize category and brands x x    
Product management and editor x      
Rich product content x     x
EDI order process     x  
Delivery status     x  
Automates communication process   x x  

For the total solution, we can offer all these connectors with Magento. But, we can also deliver the connectors separately.

Magento Icepim connector 

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Magento Iceimport connector 

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Magento Icecat connector 

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Magento Iceorder connector 

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