Iceimport: Automated assortment upload and content enrichment

Do you recognize the challenge of getting your basic product data in your webshop or ERP system? Or even more challenging, to enrich the products with the correct rich product information? Next to this, you like to save time on communication with suppliers about sales, products, prices, and stock information? Discover the possibilities of Iceimport.

Iceimport is a service that enables you to receive the unstandardized product data from several suppliers into one standardized catalog format which includes your purchase price and stock level per supplier. The product data in this catalog format is also standardized with some basic rich product information from Icecat. Iceimport standardizes the following information when the product is available via Icecat: category, EAN/GTIN, and product title. More options are available.

How to connect my suppliers with Iceimport? 

Iceportal extends your Iceimport experience!  

Iceimport is the optimal starting point for automating your entire assortment, product content, sales & purchasing process.
To request more information/connect to Iceimport, please contact us.

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