Icecat: Full product content service

Iceshop BV is a subsidiary of Icecat NV. Icecat is an independent global syndicator of ecommerce product content and product statistics.

Icecat produced millions of product data-sheets in all world languages. Icecat analyzes the performance of thousands of brands. Open Icecat is an open catalog, part of Icecat's full catalog, via which the product content for 300+ top technology brands is distributed for free.

With our products, the content of Icecat can be correctly, fast and cost-efficiently integrated. Check our products: Icepim, Iceimport, Magento Icecat connector, WooCommerce Icecat connector, Shopify Icecat connector, Prestashop Icecat connector.

Open Icecat 

Full Icecat 

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