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For all those who were waiting for the next generation e-commerce software.... We are very proud to present to you a brand new system with core functionalities that many developers and webshop owners have been waiting for.
Based on combined extensive experience of more than 15 years in e-commerce, supply chain management and proprietary tools, we now deliver a full object oriented, flexible tool that can compete with the most professional tools worldwide. A development team was formed by Iceshop in 2007, to combine 10 years experience in e-commerce services with knowhow from the former, well known, osCommerce core team. In fact, you could say that Batavi is the real osCommerce 3.0 (the version we were all waiting for but that never really came).

You can have a look at the demo store here.
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includes features such as:

  • Fully flexible template system including pages/boxes groups layout and page access limitation
  • Full content management including menu's, texts, mails, pages etc
  • Robust architecture to process very large numbers of products, visitors, customers and orders
  • Customer-/group specific pricing, payment or shipping modules
  • Related products for cross- and upselling
  • Unlimited productsegmentation to present products
  • Product-pricerules for pricing large product volumes
  • Fully automated integration with product content providers: (open)Icecat interface available (as of version 1.1. standard in free package)
  • Full usage of Icecat specifications for "after search navigation" and "product comparisons.
  • Interface for multi warehouse and multi supplier/distributor (incl stock and purchase prices)
  • Advanced batch import and export facilities, e.g. ICEimport/ICEorder
  • We have been constantly improving SEO, coöperating with specialists, to meet demands of our customers. We have the following integration for SEO (better to say SEF aka Search Engine Friendliness):
    • Custom SEO friendly URLs*
    • Adjustable page titles*
    • Full meta description (and meta tag) support*
    • Automatic Canonical tag integration
    • Default SEO optimization like: Header tag, bold, emphasize support, link titles etc
    • Google XML sitemap integration
    • Google Webmastertools support
    • * including dynamic values like integration of product- , category-  and brand names

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